The Experience Of A Volunteer

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The past two summers I was fortunate enough to go on two mission trips with my church. Our group teamed together with other churches and we worked with the Carolina Missions Team or known as “CMT”. This past summer was defiantly an eye-opening experience for me being able to work with an underprivileged community. One of the things I learned and realized during this trip is that even though these people have very little of anything, they are still so willing to give other people they don’t know so much love and compassion. Having this opportunity to volunteer has made me more aware of the needs, not just for the people in our own country, but also those in other countries who have much worse circumstances. The experience has led me to want to reach out to those other countries. Hopefully one day being able to travel and give them the help, knowledge, information and hope they need to prosper. We went to Knoxville, Tennessee and we worked at a Boys and Girls in the projects. When my small group (missions group) got to the Boys and Girls club we first looked around at the type of environment and we instantly realized that these kids weren’t in the of best homes. This Boys and Girls club was the only one that was free unlike the rest of them in the area. One of the adults in my missions group pointed out a six-year-old boy walking the streets without any supervision all the way up to the Boys and Girls club. We then became very concerned about the safety of the kids and how
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