The Experience Of Becoming A Family

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Endeavoring to become a family health nurse has been a long and rock-strewn journey. Yet, like climbing a mountain with its downfalls and peaks, I have become more astute in managing circumstances and have developed a new understanding of what a family nurse embodies. The purpose of this paper will be to illuminate the experience of becoming a family-oriented nurse and how I utilized my knowledge from Family Health course to achieve this outcome. I will deliberate on an event that summarizes my experience, what I have discovered about myself, applying themes from works of literature, and the development of future goals. I will then conclude with a brief summary of my comic manifesto.
The Meaningful Experience of Practicing Family Health
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This idea was further emphasized during an activity in week seven in which groups of students shared health-promoting practices that were based on their culture and upbringing (Appendix A). Such activity placed the complexity of relational practice into a simple picture in which one can visualize how the developed strengths and unique expertise of individuals were rooted by context. Indeed, in deterring from the attitude of the expert nurse to adopting the concept of shared expertise, I have noticed a decrease in my tendency to label families negatively, and instead, visualize their strengths and built partnerships.
The integration of these discoveries into practice was reflected when the patient’s appetite plummeted. In his prolonged stay in the unit, I had witnessed his daughters’ resilience and how they had encouraged their father in ways that others could not. I recalled asking them, “What does he like to eat? Can you bring food from home? What does he normally do when he feels unwell and how has he or your family managed it?”. In seeking their assistance I had hoped to develop meaningful interventions that best reflected the patient’s culture and life context (Doane & Varcoe, 2005). Instead of assuming I had
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