The Experience Of Life : Personal Experiences In My Life

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Throughout my life so far I’ve had various unpleasant confrontations to say the least, but this one definitely tops them all. It was just like every other normal school day, having to wake up and go to school all day, come home for an hour or so, then off to my nightly basketball games. The date was January 6th, honestly a day I’ll most likely never forget, so the weather was rather cold and snowy. We played Windber and won that night, the next day was a saturday and the basketball team had a double-header to make up at Blacklick. After the Windber game I knew it was in my best interest to get home and rest up for what the next day had in store. Shortly after arriving home I received some texts and a phone call from my best friends stating how they found two dogs left out in the cold with no dog tags and were unsure of how to react. Not much thought came to my mind besides the fact of how bad I felt for the poor dogs, so I wasn’t of much help. They tried to reach out to the police and several of my other friends but this all fell through. When all else failed I received another call that my friends were driving nearby and asked if it would be alright for them to stop by with the dogs. I then ventured outside to see the dogs which seemed perfectly fine and very cute.
Fifteen to Twenty minutes elapsed of my friends and I just sitting in the car trying to figure out a plan of how to help these dogs find shelter for the night or even possible owners. It’s crazy how fast
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