The Experience Of Niagara Falls

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Have you ever heard of a place that has millions of gallons of water falling over the side of a cliff every minute? This place is called Niagara Falls. Niagara is one of the many wonders of the world. Over the summer, I traveled to Niagara Falls. I will never forget the experience of the falls. The experience includes seeing the falls in the daytime, seeing Niagara in the nighttime, and how it effects some of your other senses, getting closer to the falls by doing some activities, and learning about the falls more by seeing an exciting movie. Niagara Falls is a beautiful place. It is extremely beautiful to look at in the daytime. It is amazing to see millions of gallons of water tumbling over the edge. Niagara Falls is about 170 feet high, so the water falls a long way. There is constantly water falling. When the water hits the rocks at the bottom of the falls, it creates mist. There is a ton of mist flying out of the bottom of the falls. The whole town surrounding Niagara is covered in mist. There is also the sight of the water splashing on the rocks. It almost looks like the water is bouncing…show more content…
Niagara affects more than just eyes. You don't just see the falls, you can sense them too. There is mist everywhere. Your hair gets puffy from all of the humidity. You can only put your hair in a pony tail or it will stand up by itself. There is water splashing off the rocks. This effects your ears because it is very loud. Niagara never sleeps. The water is splashing through everyday and every night. You have to get used to the sound of water splashing or you will not be able to sleep at night. The splashing also causes water to fly everywhere. It is not just the mist in your face. When you are standing by the bottom of the falls on the lookout spot, you will get wet. You will get soaked, but tour guides give you raincoats so you do not end up completely drenched in water. Niagara Falls is not just a sight, it is an
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