The Experience Of The Student Nurse Graduate

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The experience of the student nurse graduate transition influences the importance as it will become their desire to continue practising as a registered nurse (Cleary et al. 2011, 2013). Even though the nursing degree’s clinical practice is a compulsory element of the undergraduate nursing program, it cannot be experienced from a registered nurse perspective, until nursing students have transitioned to a registered nurse. This imposes a change in roles and different expectations which causes concerns for student nurse. Buckenham (1994) reports that newly graduated nurses experience stress, disillusionment and despair in their first year of registration. There are many challenges during the transition from a student to a registered nurse…show more content…
Whilst on clinical placement, I have observed registered nurses go against what is not based on credible evidence based practice. I have also worked along side registered nurses who have not liked being questioned on their practice. They demonstrate themselves as role models for younger generations and a large knowledge in the health care profession. The biggest burdens discussed in nursing literature that has shown to effects proficiency is that new graduate nurses have a lack in self-confidence (Pfaff, Baxter, Jack, & Ploeg, 2014). This affects relationships between the health care professionals and patients, resulting in a lack of patient advocacy (Pfaff, Baxter, Jack, & Ploeg, 2014). With a lack in self-confidence it will affect my ability to make effective and critical decisions. In order to overcome these challenges, I must commit myself to learning and keeping up with the advances in the medicine industry (Lima, Newall, Kinney, Jordan, & Hamilton, 2014). Many new graduates may feel under prepared in their transition year, from starting the heavy workloads of their own patients, shift work and responsibilities associated with the role as a registered nurse (Duchscher 2001; Chang and Daly 2001; Baillie 1999; Kelly 1998). Feeling unprepared being burdened with time pressures combined with an overwhelming workload is a major concern for the students looking at entering
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