The Experience Of The War In Korea Essay

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The Experience Of The War In Korea The Korean War was a trying time for America. The nation was getting involved in a war that had little or no possibility of a fortunate outcome. The Korean people were divided among how the country should be run. A uniform system of government looked like it may never come to be. In order to protect one of its vital interests as well as to prove to the rest of the world that America didn’t stand for communism, the United States began taking up arms. The war would prove a most difficult task to achieve successfully. In fact, it was almost impossible to continue fighting what seemed to be far from a worthy sacrifice of American lives. It was January 10, 1950 when Robert Marrara of Arthurdale, WV,…show more content…
You know, because somebody had to do what I did and I think I did it better than…[abruptly comes back on subject] but I enjoyed doing it and it was tough but the weather was the toughest part of it." When going to war, his skills proved most useful in finishing whatever was assigned to him. He knew a great deal more about automobiles and mechanics than many of his superior officers. It was because of this that he was given the responsibility that kept him occupied and away from the thoughts of war. When shipped overseas to Japan, Robert was assigned to be a part of the division known as ordinance maintenance. This division was basically the mechanics and people with the technical know-how to repair all kinds of broken devices, ranging from batteries to automobiles. His work, as he remembers, helped him through the many cold nights. He talks about how difficult it was to be given such responsibility for the camp: "Well, it wasn’t, it wasn’t, it was hard because I was the, for the whole company I had to supply the lights which I had rebuilt a generator, had a three-phase diesel-operated generator for the lighting system, which I put in poles and sent lights out to all the tents except the B.O.Q. which is the officers’ quarters up on the hill. And then they had a different generator for them. So every day, every morning about five-o-clock I had to go down and I started those engines and got the lights going and

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