The Experience of Living in Another Country

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Living in another country is a difficult experience for many people. A common feature of people living in a foreign country is finding them Gathered together in restaurants, discussing about their home and their experiences in the foreign country. Moreover, these groups are not all from the same home country. Often, the interests that landed them in a foreign country are enough to connect them in building the foundations of friendship, like studying same major. However, the only thing that you can see obvisely is fear. As a Saudi student in USA I can say we often have to deal with many administration issues that may even result to the cancellation of one’s citizenship. Like getting USA Green Card. There is a fear of living in another…show more content…
The development process from living as an expat to embracing the local culture takes time. The adoption requires the person to let go of the stereotypes and false impressions on the new society. Living in a foreign country is, therefore, a truly life-transforming experience. Initially, the features of the local culture seem strange and one finds it difficult to adapt. Nevertheless, given time, one would even feel more comfortable in the new culture than in the culture of their home country (Miller 6). After all, the primary goal of moving abroad is to explore the foreign cultures. The only aspect of change that seems difficult is when the culture of a foreign state completely contrasts the culture of the home country (Miller 21). Until one has made the transition from being an expat to a compatriot, living in a new country is rather difficult. One is often in fear of administration issues, isolation and discrimination in the international environment. In the US, it is common to find international expats socializing in bars and restaurants for the first few months before the socialization becomes general. “In the beginning, one feels more appreciated by other foreign individuals than the locals” (Wright 8). However, learning through daily experience enables one to generalize the view and socialize with everyone, especially the locals, in order to fully benefit from the reason that brought them into a foreign country.
“After many years of living in another
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