The Experience of Pain

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There is a common tie that connects people around the world: the experience of pain. While many people experience pain differently, and experience pain relative to their own levels of tolerance, pain is a universal sensation, and, at times, a shared experience. While individual physical pain is isolated to one’s own body, empathy for the physical pain of others and the resulting emotional pain can be shared. Being empathetic and considerate towards others not only brings people together, but also reinforces the mark of existence we all share due to the presence of pain. The nature of pain pushes the body and the mind to its limits, and because of this, it is a feeling that many people try to avoid. However, pain is important and necessary to the human experience because it is a mark of existence, teaching one to exercise sympathy, perseverance, and appreciation in a complex world shared by many. Pain has the ability to teach one to appreciate and embrace life. Pain is also a clear signal that one is alive. In her essay, “The Pain Scale,” Eula Biss talks about how the four vital signs used to determine the health of a patient are “blood pressure, temperature, breath, and pulse.” She also adds that it has “recently been suggested that pain be considered a fifth vital sign” (175). This quote illustrates that pain is necessary to the human experience. Because pain can be considered a vital sign, it is important to note that although at times difficult to endure, pain is a marker
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