The Experience of Suffering in John Steinbeck's Grapes of Wrath

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Imagine going down south to the Promised Land (California), getting a new job that pays very and well. Finally have enough food on the table for the entire family in order for them to survive and not die of starvation. The ideal American Dream for all the migrants who are hardly surviving the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl. John Steinbeck’s ultimate goal by writing this phenomenal, very controversial and outrageous novel was to bring the reader back in time in order for them to experience the life of the migrants suffering during the great Depression but also to criticize all the high authorities—most particularly in the farming industry—who have mistreated the migrants and given them false hopes. Steinbeck’s clever use of a raw…show more content…
We see this as the reader follows the journey of one family (the Joads) that are willing to do the impossible in order to survive as a family. Unfortunately, every moment they manage to find hope, it is all destroyed. The intelligence behind the creation of his characters again puts an earthy and realistic touch to the novel in order to grasps its readers.
Finally, As Steinbeck shifts the tone and the mood than something different than the Joads and their engagement; this makes the fluency of the story have a positive toll throughout the novel. For example, we see this in Chapter 7 when the author observes in a critical manner the economic system in the farming industry in general. It is also seen when the car dealers cannot afford profit by misery. Furthermore, the sales are faster and pressured and consequently, the pacing and tone becomes unfeeling and exploitive. By doing this, Steinbeck manages with great success in his passages to rarely get “bogged” down in detail and so the readers’ eye would never end up lingering too long on the same page.

All this said, as much as the novel is still considered outrageous throughout several southern states in the USA till this day, John Steinbeck has greatly managed to captivate his readers but also revolutionize in his own manner the society of that era in order for it to become the pillar to strengthen of
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