The Experience of a Journey in Literature Essay examples

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“People create their own Questions because their too afraid to look straight. But all you have to do is look straight and see the road, and when you see it don’t sit looking at it walk”. (Ayn Reed)
Physical journeys can involve a range of experiences and emotions. They can be taken for a range of reasons, they also involve choices being made when individuals encounter obstacles or move to new places. This idea is conveyed through Peter skrzynchi’s poems “Crossing the Red Sea” and Migrant Hostel”. In addition to David Marr’s article “Life in Limbo” and Nooria Wazefadost life story article “A young refugees plea for a better future”. It is through these texts that the composers convey their experiences of the journey, using effective
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Others, however, are still dealing with the past, the beautiful “red poppies” one migrant talks about, only reminds another of “blood discolouring stone” and “rusted iron”. This juxtaposition of imagery presents to the responder the different emotional journeys that still have to be travelled. This clearly demonstrates that people on the same physical journey react differently to it, depending on previous experience. In the last stanza of “Crossing the red sea” Skrzynechi uses the image of sunrise to symbolise that the new lives of the immigrants are only starting and that there is a new and better future ahead of them. The sunrise is also used to tell the responder that although it is the end of the poem, it is but only the beginning of the migrant’s journey to a better place both physically and emotionally. This helps the responder understand that in this particular journey, the migrants made a choice to move to a new country and overcome the obstacles that went in their way, as also to forget the past.

“Escape from life in limbo” is an article about Ahmed AL-Kateb’s life long journey to finally belong somewhere, and have a chance at a secure future .This story published on the 27/10/07 in Sydney Morning Herald by David Marr, is a heart wrenching story as it triggers the senses when one feels empathy for Ahmed- Al- Kateb .His journey began, when he was born in 1976, the