The Experiences And Knowledge I 've Gained At Carecen Have Far Exceeded My First Impressions

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The experiences and knowledge I’ve gained at CARECEN have far exceeded my first impressions. Originally, I figured that I would be doing similar things as in my previous volunteer sessions like conduct mock interviews, translate documents, assist the instructor with classes, and few other miscellaneous tasks. While I continued performing many of these tasks during my first week of my internship, things began to change there on after, as I was given more duties and responsibilities that went beyond just assisting with citizenship courses. One assignment that I really enjoyed was teaching weekly DMV and ESL English courses at CARECEN’s Day Labor Center for the day laborers. Without any prior experience teaching a class or developing/creating a curriculum whatsoever, it was a very challenging task at first. Perhaps the most difficult part of it was during the planning process, due in part to my inexperience with teaching courses and the lack of material I could go off of as a reference. Yet, with a little determination and assistance from Yessica and Alberto (citizenship course instructors), I was able to quickly overcome this phase and get things into motion. Teaching these courses back to back was a bit hectic and difficult at times, but the satisfaction that I got from seeing my students light up with joy when they understood the material and actually enjoy sitting through my sessions, made it all worth it. Would I have had more to time to plan for the classes, I would have…
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