The Experiences of Montag

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In the beginning of this part, the writer presents the scene where Beatty prepares for putting Montag's house on fire. Before igniting the fire, Beatty tells Montag that all of what is about to happen, is a result of a wrong decision Montag made, which is the decision of reading and collecting books. Then, Mildred runs out of the door with a suitcase, and takes a taxi that was waiting for her at the curb. So, Montag suspects Mildred to be the one who sounded the alarm for the firemen to come. After that, Faber asks Montag about what is happening at the moment, through the earpiece that he gave to Montag before. Montag tells him, "This is happening to me"(Bradbury 115). When Faber comprehends the situation, he advises Montag to run away from the whole scene. At this moment, Beatty starts speaking to Montag about the beauty of fire. Beatty claims that the real beauty of fire lies in its perpetual motion, which was the thing that man wanted to invent but never did. He also thinks that fire is the solution to problems and burdens. that since Montag is a problem and a burden, then fire is the solution that will lift Montag off his shoulders. As a tool of mental torture for Montag, Beatty insists that Montag burns his own house, with his own hands, using a flame thrower. Through Montag's earpiece, Faber repeats himself, and tells Montag that he should run away. Montag responds to Faber aloud and tells him that he can't possibly run, since he is surrounded by the Hound.
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