The Experiential Exercises During The Classroom Essay

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The experiential exercises conducted in the classroom all encompassed a social element of communication, a collaborative approach, and a process of maintaining an internal monologue, a sense of self-expression, self-realization, and self-reflection. These unique exercises, albeit, very different from one another, all effectively gave the participant an experience that stimulated thought, challenged the persons comfort zones and familiarity, as well as forced each individual to deeply compare the exercise processes and outcomes to their own common occurrences in their personal lives. Furthermore, the exercise outcomes often stimulated ideas and possibilities for personal development and growth, enhancing one’s character and personality traits, and encouraged changes to their own abilities, habits, and behavioral patterns. Although I preferred some exercises over others, I found that I was stimulated differently during and after each exercise, and often found the exercise outcomes resonating for the rest of the evening, and often stimulating thought and discussion with others throughout the next day. Each exercise effectively allowed a participant the ability to consider, evaluate, and challenge their personal character, actions, and motives. The first experience that I thoroughly enjoyed and will be examining, is the insightful discussion and mindfulness meditative exercise conducted by the guest speaker, Bob McClure. Bob’s perceptive talk about the
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