The Experimental Method And Experimental Research

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One thing I have learned about psychology is that research and experimental studies are what make up what we know today within this field. Through the experimental method we take steps to get knowledge about a chosen subject, in doing so, we are able to predict phenomenon, analyze cause, and effect and relationships between variables. We make observations, form hypothesis, make predictions, and do experiments, analyze the results of an experiment, draw a conclusion and finally we report findings and results of the experiment. The experimental method and experimental research is important to society because it helps us to learn about the world that surrounds us and helps to improve our everyday lives. If any of the steps in the experimental method were to be skipped or done in a different order information and data could be misinterpreted, in result, the experiment, its participants and its purpose would unreliable (Passer, 2014). To explain how to conduct each step of the experimental study I want to discuss an experimental study which uses a single-factor design of my own, this experiment would be done to look at the relationship between stress and smoking. My research question would be; does smoking really reduce stress? I want to study this question using a between subject’s design, I would use this design to statistical analyze and compare the means of the different stress levels of the between-subjects factor. I would use random assignment for this study
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