The Experimental Validation Of Theory

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The conceptual framework combines the research carried out at the beginning of the study with the analysis of the use of existing, as well as the demand for new e-assessment instruments for NNES students learning outcome. It directs to develop a diagnostic tool that can be utilised by students and teachers in an e-assessment context which will empower the higher education sector and improve the conditions for continuous learning. On the surveys, giving NNES students the opportunity to put their suggestions forward and get involved to seek opinions on its development to explore learning outcome they want. Generally speaking, when we identify the exact problems from Data Analysis, we can interface with specification, and should be considering how those will map to the tool.

The conceptual framework will be used in order to determine the functionality and content of the tool. Tool content structures and sample questions will be created for two competences: Knowledge and Literacy. This tool will be an educational management tool that stays with NNES students from that first, unformed idea all the way through to the final draft. Outline and structure NNES students’ ideas, take notes, view investigation alongside their response on assessment and compose the constituent pieces of students’ text in isolation or in context. The tool would not tell students how to respond—it just makes all the tackles students have scattered
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