The Experimentation Of Plant And Animal Genes

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History of Genetic Modification
Society has been experimenting with genes for thousands of years. To better understand the methods behind modern genetic modification of organisms, methods from the past will need to be explored in order to have complete understanding on the topic. Throughout history, there have been many reports on the experimentation of plant and animal genes.
Before the invention of modern technology and tools that helps scientists work with sequences of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), early civilizations used what many scientists refer to as the “traditional way”. The traditional way consists of a more physical way of modifying organisms.
In animals, this type of gene modification is known as selective breeding or artificial selection. Through genetic evidence, scientists have been able to speculate that artificial selection began with dogs more than 135,000 years ago in East Asia (DeMello 85). At the time, wolves were introduced into hunting and gathering groups. They were domesticated and later selectively bred for specific tasks such as hunting, herding and protection. Over time, dogs (descendent of wolves) and other animals such as sheep and horses were domesticated. Civilization used this method of selective breeding to create the strongest, fastest, and biggest animals – traits preferred to help benefit society.
After artificial selection took root in societies around the world, it was not long before artificial selection was utilized for plants.
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