The Experiments Undertaken By Stanley Milgram

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The experiment undertaken by Stanley Milgram in 1963 was supposed to answer some questions about obedience and raised some questions and answered some. At the time, that Milgram underwent the experiment, a Nazi war criminal was being trialed. Milgram wanted this experiment to answer whether this Nazi criminal and his followers were just accomplices to Hitler during the Holocaust or did they have some responsibility to it as well. The experiment went like this: there were three positions with one being the teacher, one the learner, and the other an experimenter. These three roles were filled in by volunteers and one person would pick one while the actor would pick one and both had to pick slips to find out what role he was given but unknown to the volunteer, they both said teacher and the actor would claim to pull learner so they the volunteer always had to be the teacher. Then the teacher was given a sample shock to see what the learner would experience. Then the teacher would say word pairs to the learner and if he got them wrong then the learner was “given” a shock. There actually was no shocks. The instructor would prod the teacher to continue if the teacher stopped giving the shocks. This experiment raised many ethical concerns when dealing with scientific research because of the emotional stress on the teacher figure. Some people when doing this experiment started laughing oddly or were stressed out because of the physical pain given to the learner or the pain

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