The Exploitative Colony of Virginia Essay

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The Exploitative Colony of Virginia I believe that the early settlers of the colony of Virginia made it into an exploitative and ignorant colony, due to the fact that it was set up primarily to make a small number of individuals wealthy while ignoring the rights of its other members. In the year 1607, a group of adventurers from the Virginia Company established the first English-American colony in the Chesapeake Bay area (Greene, 1988). They landed in Jamestown, and it became the first English settlement to survive in the New World. They named the colony Virginia. In its early history, Virginia was known for its drive to conquer the land and in some cases people, so that it would bring its main benefactors wealth and power…show more content…
The relationship was shaky mainly because the Europeans were naive and ignorant to the Native Americans way of life. Thus, twice the Indians put on all out attacks against the unsuspecting Europeans because of this fact. Through it all, the early history of colonial Virginia suggest that it was backwards compared with other colonies, but Virginia eventually began to settle down and found its way to stability after it spent most of its history being ignorant to the red, black, and even in some of the white men. In 1588, the defeat of the Spanish armada by England's Sir Francis Drake signaled the slow decline of Spain. But while this was happening the first permanent settlement of the English in the New World on Reannex Island fails. It was then almost two decades later till they tried again (Todd & Curti, 1968). However, Spain was different from the English, in that what their explorers did was under government supervision; it was all done in the name of Spain. England was not a wealthy nation, so they could not finance groups like Spain had done. However, they did promise land to those who were willing to adventure out to the New World. Trade companies then took it upon themselves to finance and establish land out-posts in the New World. Therefore, the control of the New World would be that of those from the Old World. England was ambitious to and anxious to get a foot in the New World, and it paid
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