The Exploration Of Adventure Therapy

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Exploration of Adventure Therapy Adventure Therapy is an extremely interesting and basic form of therapy. There are many demographics that find it beneficial. It may be initially thought of as something only used for adolescent males but it can really be used in almost any therapy setting. This can include survivors of domestic abuse, families, people who are in individual therapy, soldiers with post-traumatic stress disorder, and almost anything else you could consider. This is a versatile therapy simply because it is almost a basic human need to be in nature in one form or another. Group Theory Glass & Myers (2001) report that using the Adler’s holistic interpretation of people is a usual method when employing adventure counseling…show more content…
This was chosen because of the influence peers have on one another during adolescents. This can be true of almost any age group to one extent or another. This is also a contributing factor in families since that is your first social group. Burg (2001) found that the results from Adventure Counseling are marked but the issues at home must also be addressed for them to have substantial change. Burg (2001) finds that many different theoretical approaches can be used but makes note of Adlerian theory as well. Function Adventure Therapy has an almost unparalleled capacity to take people out of their everyday situations and place them in a setting where they must redefine themselves. It is this function of Adventure Therapy that makes it so meaningful for such a broad range of people. Stepping out of their characteristic roles can shed a light on their placement in their day to day lives. This can allow the therapist to focus on the “issues of trust, communication, taking risks, managing fear and anxiety, problem solving, intimacy, and interdependence versus autonomy” (Burg, 2001, p. 118). These issues will present themselves more quickly in a group setting and especially in an Adventure Therapy setting where there are more stressors. Once these issues make themselves apparent the therapist will be able to take note and try to get to work through the problems. Since this is not done in an office setting it can be made more
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