The Exploration Of Apple's Historical Background

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The exploration of Apple’s historical background will examine the nature of business activities that will deem relevant. The products and services Apple provides to businesses and consumers; and the geographical exposure from where the products are produced. The analysis will entail foreign exposure that is emphatically in nature to the success that entails the company’s success. Background The company is a California corporation established in 1977, created by Steve Jobs whom has been an innovative to Apple products. Apple created desktop computer components from the late 1970s until the early 1980s. Apple’s Steve Jobs was in war with PC manufacturer Bill Gates. Apple couldn’t compete with PCs manufacturer owner Bill Gates as he stole the ideas from Xerox whom gave the information away including the “kitchen sink” as they had no interest in the computing world to Bill Gates (Avery, 2010). In 1985, the Apple board fired Steve Jobs for being incompetent to run the business (Siegel, 2011). Products The Apple products included the Macintosh modems, drivers and printers of the 1980s. Steve Jobs was always interested in music ventures and in 2001 the creation of the iPod was created. Apple rehired Steve Jobs as the CEO of the highly product that is known as iPod, and in 2004 become the most successful product for Apple. No one has created the device for streaming music until Apple employees brought the product to life (Edwards, 2011). After the creation of iPods, Steve Jobs

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