The Exploration Of Human Memory Essay

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The exploration of human memory will unlock the past and future. Through the exploitation of human memory man condemn itself to an apocalyptic world. The manipulation of the human memory is key to man’s control over the human mind. Memory can divide what humans see and what humans can remember. Some memories may be deceitful, but it all depends on the state of mind and past experiences of that individual. Memory isn’t just a personal experience that’s based only on that person, an event can change people physically and mentally. Memory is based off of multiple factors that occur in the brain. It’s a deep subject that both neuropsychologist and psychologist have tried to completely understand in the past decade. Author Carl Gunther said that “Underneath the mind’s perceptual process is the mysterious mechanics of memory” (Gunther 87). In hopes of a new future where memory isn’t so mysterious. Humans are digging deeper in the unknown such as neuroscientist Bence Olveczky of the Harvard University in Cambridge Massachusetts. To explain how Olveczky would discover a possible breakthrough in manipulating the human mind would take time. To grasp the concept of manipulating memory one would have to know the history and meaning of memory. Humans consider memory as the ability to remember things, true, but is also the “ability to Encode, store, retain and subsequently recall information and past experiences in the human brain” (Mastin “The Human Memory”). Learning is
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