The Exploration Of Oil Companies

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Oil companies have been vying for the rights to drill for oil off the coast of the Mid-Atlantic states for decades. As one can conclude from the evidence of danger that occurs from drilling around southern states where entire ecosystems were devastated, there is too much that can and will go wrong to risk it when there are numerous alternatives that are safer to procure than oil production. More of the nation’s time, energy, and resources should be focused on harnessing natural energy such as windmills, dams, and solar energy. Currently, limited drilling is supported by the president, but any drilling endangers life on Earth. The coast of North Carolina, a state in danger of being subjected to ravenous oil companies hungry for another…show more content…
The polluted water decimated huge amounts of fish for miles around, and from there, birds, dolphins, whales, and other animals were caught in the sludge. Thousands of dolphins and sea turtles that have been discovered dead are linked to the chemicals involved in the oil-spill (Dell’Amore). These events do not just stun the ocean and the wildlife in it; however, they also cause serious injury to humans and their way of life. In the rig explosion, for instance, eleven workers died and seventeen others were injured when, according to “Deepwater Horizon oil spill of 2010.” In his article, Richard Pallardy also esplained the accident was caused when, “a fail-safe mechanism designed to close the channel through which oil was drawn… malfunctioned.” As a “fail-safe” system, malfunction is unlikely, but it happened. Other than bodily harm, an oil spills is also capable of devastating the economy of coastal areas and their states. For example, the North Carolina department of commerce states that the coast of North carolina is a huge tourist attraction that brings billions of dollars in revenue to the state. From all over the country and world, tourists pour in to visit the beautiful sights and attractions that surround the coast. The beach goers and scuba divers are often annual visitors who bring hefty wallets
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