The Exploration Of The Alaska Oil Industry Worth The Conservation Of Wildlife

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Intro: The issue at hand are one that deal with conservation, the question asked by so many Americans is that, are the economic success of the Alaska Oil industry worth the conservation of wildlife? This report will demonstrate the problem at hand regarding Alaska Oil and the solution to the problem as well. Section one Alaska is one of American biggest geographical region where oil could be found; Alaska also holds one of the biggest wildlife populations as well. The drilling in Alaska has many environmental aspects to it, which include impact on marine life, on the land itself, and lastly I’ll like to go over the environmental impact of oil spills. Let’s go over the first aspect marine life; the process to find potential oil reserves is very complex. “To find potential oil reserves, researchers send seismic waves into the ground. The waves bounce backs to reveal the buried topography and can hint at a possible reserve. But seismic noise disorientates whales and leads to mass beaching” (Nixon 2008.) Nixon here explains the extensive process of finding an oil reserve,; if you look at Alaska on the map, it is surrounded by the Gulf of Alaska and Bering Sea, where many oil reserves could be found. The seismic not only disorientates whale with mass bleaching but also affects also Alaskan Fish species such as the walleye Pollock, white sturgeon, whitefish, and other along the Alaska Gulf and Bering Sea. The wildlife located in Alaskan vast geographically parts has had many
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