The Exploration of the Orgasm Essay

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The role of the orgasm in heterosexual relationships is significant in having a satisfying malefemale relationship according to society’s expectations. By using the malefemale binary, as well as exploring the social construction of sex, we can see just how significant the role the orgasm plays in heterosexual relationships. First off, we must understand that orgasms are achieved differently for both males and females.      Male orgasms are achieved through the male sex organ, being the penis. It has many nerve endings that are very sensitive. The female orgasm contains just as many of these nerve ending, but is a much smaller size. The penis is on average 5.5 inches, where the clitoris is about 1 inch. What is…show more content…
What is pleasurable for the male is not always pleasurable for the female.      Another key factor is society’s acceptance of masturbation for males, where it is seen to be deviant for females, since females are constructed as being the nurtures and therefore not promiscuous. Males feel comfortable in practising masturbation, thus knowing exactly what feels good for them and how to achieve this. Some females on the other hand find masturbation to be wrong or not lady like. Therefore, many women do not know how to achieve an orgasm. If a female is unable to bring herself to orgasm, it is very unlikely her partner will be able to as well, even if he knows how to bring other partners to climax.      The guest speaker that attended class on March 1st, Corey Silverberg, explained the importance of sex toys in exploring orgasm. These toys are designed specifically to bring females to climax, and many are designed to target the female clitoris. The integration of these toys into the act of sex with a male partner can help eradicate some of the obstacles involved in achieving an orgasm with a partner. The female will establish openness with the males by showing him she is open with her sexuality, and that she wants to get pleasure out of sex as well.
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