The Explorers, By William Stuart, George Vancouver, And Sir Horatio Thomas Austin

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The explorers that partook in the great challenge of discovering what is now Canada, is a fascinating and appealing topic for Canadian Historians. This essay will examine the lives of Jacques Cartier, Henry Hudson, William Stuart, George Vancouver, and Sir Horatio Thomas Austin, who were all Canadian explorers. For each individual, the themes that are compared are areas of discovery, First Nation contact, and life longevity and cause of death. Within the discussion, biographies of the explorers will be five sources that are found in the Dictionary of Canadian Biography Online, and the final will be J.M Bumsted’s book, A History of the Canadian People, as the sixth source. This Research Project will include a Graphic Analysis and an Essay.…show more content…
On the expedition, the explorers where unaware of the hazards complications and hazards of the expedition, which included with rocks, shores, and tides. During that same year, John Cabot reaches Newfoundland. The final major event involved Jacque Cartier himself when he builds a cross at Gaspe Harbour in 1534. This was Cartier’s first expedition and on this voyage he was ordered to find gold and other resources on unchartered land. During this expedition, Cartier met with the First Nations where they traded. This expedition led to him exploring the Gulf of Lawrence. In comparison to Brumsted’s book, the Biography of Jacques Cartier recognizes that on July 14, 1534, Cartier arrived at Baie de Gaspé and on the 25th of that same year he established contact with the First Nations peoples. During that time, Cartier traded with the people. Furthermore, the biography also recognizes that Cartier built a cross that was thirty feet high that beard the arms of France at Penouille Point. The territory of Gaspe Harbour includes the communities of Penouille point, which correlates the biography with Bumsted. Furthermore, when investigating the biography of Jacque Cartier, it is noticed that some of the events declared in the Bumsted’s text are also mentioned in Cartier’s biography. In fact, it seems that the event that correlate seem not have not only effected Cartier’s life, but Cartier’s exploration had
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