The Explotation of Credit Card Companies

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The cultural expectation that fuels our desire to want more than we need in reality is definitely rooted in the vision of the American Dream. The idea that If you don’t work hard, then you pay the price for loosing out on your dream. It’s your fault for not fulfilling your dream, so you shouldn’t blame the system. People are caught up with impressing other people, it’s quite ridiculous to what extent one can go to raise their status in the society. You’ll see people who will use credit cards to shop for the most expensive items and technologies, so that they assimilate with the rest of the high tech , upgrading world. This way of life became the norm in our society that if you decide to live like a normal human being and manage your earning and spend only on essentials items, then you are viewed as someone low. It’s kind of like a caste system. The more material things your possess, the higher up the ladder you will be placed in the society. It doesn’t matter how you achieved your materials, all that matters is you own a big mansion, nice car, latest phone etc. If you are on top of the caste system, then you’ll be prestigious and honored for your achievements. Society’s grand expectations on every aspect of life leads many people to turn into credit cards. Using credit card helps you get to the top of the caste system and not jeopardize your dignity. Fortunately, we had the opportunity to watch “Maxed Out” in this course. I found this film impactful because it revealed
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