The Expo 2020 Core Theme, Connecting Minds, Creating The Future

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The Expo 2020 core theme is “Connecting minds, creating the future”. This overall theme recognizes the importance of collaboration across cultures and regions to generate sustainable solutions to global problems whilst the subthemes of Opportunity, Mobility and Sustainability define the principal drivers of progress. The expo aims to bring together the global community to forge new partnerships and find solutions to these core issues concerning humanity and ultimately leave behind a strong transformative social and economic legacy across the region and the world. Mobility: As the world’s markets continue to grow and interact, new sources of innovation are required to create more integrated solutions in transportation and logistics systems. Mobility is one of the core drivers of prosperity and growth as efficient and robust transportation & logistics systems are the lifelines that connect people, goods, and services around the world. Sustainability: It has become increasingly important to innovate in the production, delivery, and consumption of water and energy. Improving access to these precious natural resources through responsible conservation and effective management, as well as embracing a culture of sustainability, are important goals of all countries. “Smart Grids” have presented an opportunity to revolutionize the way energy is both produced and consumed as a result of the convergence of IT in both existing and new infrastructure (e.g. solar panels) to deliver

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