The Exponential Boom Of Technology

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Sai Kothapalli
Professor Cynthia Pastrana
English 301 B
8 June 2015
The exponential boom of technology in 21st century is shaping societies to befit globalization. The quest for technological evolution is making globalization essential, connecting every part of the globe. The Multinational companies, International tourism & overseas education are all a few outcomes of globalization. Being an international student I robustly appreciate the idea of studying overseas since it is a platform for international students to learn about different cultures, languages, lifestyles, social cues, traditions and religions. The economic disparities among nations shrinks owing to offshore education. It also assists in acquiring a mind-expanding exposure making overseas education a boon for students career. According to the article International Education in USA, from Wikipedia, there are students from as many as 76 countries studying in colleges and universities across the USA. This article highlights that in the academic year 2013-14 alone nearly 750,000 Chinese and 400,000 Indians have applied for admissions in USA. It also points out the fact that there is a sharp rise in number of international students because of undergraduates and graduates from almost all developing countries.
I with Asian ethnicity travelled halfway across the globe to reach my university and gain a life changing experience for good. Equivalently all international
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