The Expos 5 Analysis

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It is a common occurrence for high school students in their senior year to experience declines in motivation and performance; most call it ‘senioritis.’ When students contract seniorits they become lax, neglecting their homework, turning in late papers, and generally losing effort. The majority of seniors continue on to graduate, only to receive a rude awakening once they enter college. While students may be able to graduate from high school without putting in too much hard work, college is indisputably a different story. In the documentary,”The Expos 5,” five college students provided a first hand look into how they learned to navigate the difficulties of expository writing. I related best to Arpan and Yasmeen, but I learned great lessons from all of the students. Out of these students chronicled taking expository writing, Arpan was undoubtedly the most lackadaisical. In the beginning of the video he recorded himself doing various other activities in lieu of his homework, and when he finally sat down to work he could not focus, taking hours to produce anything. One of Arpan’s most characteristic lines was “I guess it’s going to be an all-nighter.” I often save my work until the last minute as well, and end up losing sleep to finish homework. So, like Arpan, my own problems often stem from procrastination. Nonetheless, he and I also share a strong wish to improve ourselves and our work ethic. In Arpan’s case he was able to bring his wish to fruition; after beginning
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