The Expression Netiquette Is Important Because It Is The Professional Way Of Communication With The World

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The expression Netiquette is a mix of “Net” and “Etiquette” (Bbccouk, 2017). “Etiquette means standard rules of conduct” (The Australian Pocket Oxford Dictionary, 1984). Netiquette means showing respectful behavior to users (Prezi, 2017 ANSWER: Netiquette is important because it is the professional way of communication with the world (Knowswhycom, 2017). Online communication is non-verbal, and then sometimes there is no possibility to listen to your voice (Referencecom, 2017. Write your answer in the form of a pretend email to your tutor. Include mention of the group discussion and remember the rules of netiquette. Provide the correct in-text citation Regarding the assessment 1, question 5 about in regarding what is my learning…show more content…
The internet has services for users to work together (Diva, 2017). In this essay, I will explain about which communication theories and forms of communication are used to influence consumers. I believe that symbolic interaction communication theory and social exchange impact and mass communication have more influence to consumers. It has many communication theories such cognitive, communication accommodation, social exchange, symbolic interaction and uncertainty reduction. Among them, social exchange and symbolic interaction have more influence on consumers. First, as the topic material has been written “Symbolic interactionism proposes that people join implications to things and experiences, and this motivates their activity. Communication with others. Language allows creating meaning when attractive reflective thought, plus at communication with others” (topic 2 in the text book). In this case, I can say about using some symbolic interaction that uses on YouTube during watching that such as icon like or dislike or comments and mojo, in our group, as we discussed in class with Jack, these icons have influence to consumer by, they can show their feeling about like or dislike or other feelings by these icons. Secondly is the social exchange, as written in the text book” this theory suggests that both parties in communication event are motivated to satisfy their respective interests. Which

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