The Expression Of The Arts

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The Expression of the Arts The "Allegory of Music" a painting by Laurent de la Hyre, a French painter from Paris that was born in 1606 and died in 1656 in Paris. He painted the Allegory of Music in 1649 when he was about 43 years of age. La Hyre painted this painting from oil on canvas and made the size of the painting approximately 41 5/8 x 56 3/4 in, we can observe that the amount of detail La Hyre add to his painting, he went from darks to lights. This painting look classical and idealized because of the clothing, the instrument and how she looks perfect in her features. I choose this painting because I loved the use of lighting that the artist used to give shadow, to make it more detailed. Also what catched my attention was the lighting Laurent used to capture the side of his model face and body. what caught my attention is how natural this painting is it simple and not over do, nor it to dramatic it just simple but it still shows her passion for music or his transmition of his passion for music and art. What mostly intrigues me about knowing more of this painting is some of the meaning of the things that are symbolize in this painting, like the bird and all the instruments. Also how long it took the artist to finish this painting. To find information that will help me more to understand the painting and it artist I will do research and read the label of the painting so I can understand

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