The Expression Of Thoughts Of Self Harm By F4

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This incident presents several demands for works and is complex as a result of what was disclosed by F4. The expression of thoughts of self-harm by F4 put the facilitators in the very difficult position of having to not focus on an individual and to stay focused on the group as a whole. Though it is assumed that this is a difficult task for social workers in a general sense, I am of the opinion that when a potentially serious and/or a complex issue arise that it increases the difficulty. The group member that disclosed the thought of self-harm felt safe and connected, which is why she was able to disclose such intimate thoughts with the group. The fact that F4 was able to share such information is a positive reflection on the mutual aid of this group, though it may have been too much too soon or not appropriate, because of the nature of the disclosure. This is not to imply that it was easy for her to disclose what she did and it clearly was not easy for the group to hear this information. The disclosure of thoughts of self-harm by F4, which she felt was a result of the stress she was under, is the first demand for work to be examined. Self-harm is not to be confused with suicidal behavior; “self-harmers say that inflicting pain on themselves does make them feel better and it is used to make life more manageable (Thornton, 2015, p. 189).” This disclosure is complex as she comfortable with disclosing the thought of using self-harm to cope with the stress, which is the intent

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