The Extended Marketing Mix

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The Extended Marketing Mix In last weeks assignment the writer identified the concept in Marketing that a business person should never confuse advertising and marketing. In a successful business Marketing is more of a complete process. Advertising is still just a portion of what goes on in that process. The Marketing process starts early and continues on through the very conclusion of any sale. In fact the main reason anyone buys a product or service is because someone marketed the product/service effectively. Like last weeks assignment when we talk about the "marketing mix" it 's all about knowing your customers. The customer driven marketing plan (unlike advertising) is very much like a strong first paragraph. The plan has to…show more content…
Customers have to be shown the benefit of conducting business with the company. There are three main ways to give the customer those same reasons to buy the intended product. First, focus on "Branding." It is imperative for customers to be emotionally tied to their purchases. In every case, when it comes to marketing, play up the company brand. Give consumers something to hold onto subconsciously. Find a handle, jingle or catch phrase that makes people remember your product. In the writers case he works for a company that builds things "Ford tough." In other cases things are built "like a rock." The most successful businesses (locally or globally) push the brand name as far as it will go. The Ford Logo is arguably the most recognized brand emblem in the world. The second way to give a customer a reason to purchase is Identity. Any successful business has to find their own identity and differentiate themselves from their competition. Here again know your customer. Carefully define your projected market and then position yourself in a way that demonstrates superiority. All customers shop before they purchase. The more you know about your projected market the easier it will be to position your product in a competitive way so that everyone is capable of buying (Dueease, 2006). The final way to increase a customer 's likelihood in making that purchase is Innovation. In this scenario a company focuses on "The Next Big Thing (Marketing, 2006)."

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