The Extension / Restriction Of Medicaid / Medicare

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Medicare is a federal program that makes an authorized privilege to health benefits for the elderly and disabled. It also undermines the right of workers to control their retirement savings and the freedom of elders to control their own health care. On the other hand, Medicaid creates an entitlement to health benefits for the poor. While I realized that Medicaid and Medicare were federal programs offered by the U.S. government, I did not know whether some states expanded or restricted Medicaid/Medicare. For this issue analysis, I set out to discover more data about how some states react towards the extension/restriction of Medicaid/Medicare. Questions I hope to answer through my research incorporate the following: How does Medicaid/Medicare benefit or harm the government/society? What are the actions of certain states that chose to neglect or bolster Medicaid/Medicare? What laws/acts have been proposed to support Medicaid/Medicare? I administered this research by using articles published in the LSU databases such as journals, and newspapers. The significance of using both of these categories was to find which political perspectives agree with expanding or restricting Medicaid/Medicare and what convenient programs the government has provided to support a person financially. Some of my sources came from articles published in CQ Researcher, by Adriel Bettelheim; New York Times, by Margot Sanger; and Galen Institute, by Grace Turner and Avik Roy. Additionally, both
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