The Extension of European Society

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Extension of European Society Extension of European Society The era between1450-1650 was marked by extensive exploration of the world oceans by the Europeans by undertaking great voyages and securing the trade routes, that is why many refer this period as the age of discovery and the age of expansion as the Europeans migrates to other part of the world for the first time. These factors lead to technological growth, advancement, and strengthening of political and religious factors in the Europeans society. The factors that contributed towards European expansion were economic, social and religious. The period 1450-1650 marked a significant growth in the population of Europe, which lead to shortage of resources and required immediate expansion in order to accommodate increasing population. Reasons for sudden population growth remains unclear but it created food shortage, which resulted in increase prices of food products. Expansion helped Europeans in setting up new lands for agriculture and industries and for accommodating surplus population (Tracy, 2006). The Europeans seek to break the Arabs trade monopoly as they had become very influential and economically very strong. The crusaders saw how Muslims had gained strength so with the incoming of wealth to Europe they were encouraged to spread Christianity and establish their control. The wealth of Europeans increased significantly, which boosted demand for overseas consumer products like silk, chocolate, tea etc. With

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