The Extensive Functions Of The Various Anatomical Structures

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The extensive functions of the various anatomical structures of the brain are constantly being studied due to the complexity of this organ. Often times its many roles are taken for granted including speech. Speech involves a complex planning process as well as the ability to execute it properly by coordinating and managing the movements of the mouth and tongue. When specific brain injuries occur this function is compromised in what is known as apraxia. This is a speech disorder where a person has difficulty with the planning and executing processes of movement for speech despite there being no weakness of the actual speech muscles. This can result in increased difficulty producing desired sounds at a consistent rate. Though we do know…show more content…
The anatomical area within the brain that is responsible for producing apraxia when damaged was unknown, the aim of the study was to compare brain scans of both affected and unaffected patient to determine a common anatomical region damaged among those with apraxia to determine an anatomical reference point within the brain. • Background To begin the discussion on the language and speech coordination within the brain and the research conducted within the research, I will first differentiated between aphasia and apraxia as the two are often confused due their overlapping nature. The “language organ” of the brain has been traditionally known as Wernecki’s area, Broca’s area, and the perisylvian strip (Kean). When any or several of these regions are damaged, the following disorder in language is known as aphasia. Aphasia can involve varying levels of difficulty involved in understanding and producing speech. In the past, apraxia has often been understood as a part of aphasia however the two have been found to be distinct language disorders. Language disorders are caused by damage to the brain which can be a result of a stroke, tumor, trauma, or other neurological diseases such as Alzhiemers. Stokes are the major cause language disorder such as aphasia. During a stroke there is a rupture or a blocking of

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