The Extent And Measurement Of Healthcare Provider Essay

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Entry 9: A Systematic Review of the Extent and Measurement of Healthcare Provider Racism - Yin Paradies, PhD, Mandy Truong, MPH, and Naomi Priest, PhD This paper focuses disparities and if racism has any influence on treatments given by healthcare providers. The results of the study showed that of the 37 cases tested, 26 of them showed slightly significant evidence of racist beliefs. One of the more confusing aspects of this paper was that I didn’t understand how the researchers measured racism. I felt that measuring racism was an almost daunting task as there is an element of human subjectivism. Furthermore, a better are of study would have been to analyze the geographic influence on disparities. Similar to what we learned in class, disparities often occur because people of a particular region do not have direct access to healthcare. Overall, I felt that this paper had numerous statistics about how and why racism plays a role in disparities, but the results were rather ambiguous in my eyes. Entry 10: Clinical Economics - John M. Eisenberg This article was quite different from the previous articles I have read in the class as it poses methods for physicians to analyze treatment benefits. Similar to what we learned in class, the article discusses different types of economic analysis as well as the different types of costs associated with treatments. Although I think that considering economic analysis is a great way for physicians to provide the most beneficial treatment, I
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