The Extent, Drivers and Challenges of Information Communication Technologies Adoption in Kenya's Floriculture Industry

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Syed (2009) notes that today’s business world has been deeply influenced by ICTs and the application of ICT among businesses will continue to be widespread. He further notes that ICTs are rapidly influencing global production and consumption patterns therefore suggesting that every business must accelerate its rate of ICTs adoption if it is to increase its global competitiveness. In the floriculture industry, adoption and application of ICTs is an important strategy according to studies by Heratha et al. (2004). HCDA, (2013) also reckon that to make Kenya’s floriculture truly competitive, ICTs adoption will significantly lead to cost savings and efficiency improvements. However, studies by Martsynovska (2011), Taragola and Gelb (2011) as well as Maoz (2006) conclude that researches on the extent of adoption of ICTs in the floriculture industry are scarce. In the few…
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