The Extent Of The Flood Recorded

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The extent of the flood recorded in Genesis 6-8 is of great importance. There are two sides of the debate. One side concludes that the flood was global in extant, while the other view postulates the flood to be local/regional. This paper will not focus on the debate, nor provide a defense of either view. Instead, the focus of this study will be to examine common words (“earth,” “all,” and “flesh,”) to argue that the biblical text cannot sustain a local/regional view of the flood. This conclusion is based on specific words and their usage in context not only in Genesis 6-8, but throughout the Old Testament.
Old Testament Word “Earth” The biblical account of the flood is found in Genesis 6-8. One of the common words that is used in the account of the flood is “earth.” The Hebrew word for “earth” is אָ֫רֶץ (erets) and has a range of meanings including: ground, earth, territory, or country. This is a very common word that is used over two thousand times in the Hebrew Bible. The word can encompass the entire planet as used in Genesis 1:1 which states, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth (erets).” From the context of this passage, God did not create one piece of land, but created the entire planet (cf. Genesis 2:1, 4; 14:19, 22; 18:18, 25; 22:18). The word “earth” can also refer to a specific piece of land or territory (Gen. 10:10, 11; 11:28, 31; 13:10; 47:6, 27; 50:8), district, piece of ground, or smaller territories. Considering all the uses of “earth”…
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