The Extent Of The Government Role Of The American Economy

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The Extent of the Government Role in the American Economy
Nicolai Noordzy
Northcentral Technical College
The Extent of the Government Role in the American Economy
The economy was one of the most pressing issues in the recent 2016 U.S. presidential campaign, which saw Republican businessman and celebrity Donald Trump closely elected over former Secretary of State and Democratic challenger Hillary Clinton. In many ways, the election can be seen as a backlash and conservative effort against the economic philosophies and policies of the two candidates and their parties, and on which candidate could better spur economic growth. The economy greatly affects all American lives, often without the people’s direct say, but nonetheless influencing how easy it is to get a job, how quickly the prices of goods and services rise and fall in a market system, and how much money people can spend or save for the future. In the third to fourth fiscal quarters of the year 2008, a severe financial crisis began to loom over the global economy, resulting in further economic downturn for the United States. Millions of people lost their jobs, and millions more would not be able to find work thereafter. While the U.S. economy has improved since then, policy makers and both Trump and Clinton have argued endlessly over the best way to drive the economy successfully into the future. The division between Republican and Democratic parties, and in part the division between the candidates, reflects…
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