The External Analysis Of Facebook And Social Media

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Introduction Facebook is a social media website where people can communicate, navigate, upload personal and business profiles. It is totally free of cost. Its user can communicate with their family and friends to know what is going on in the world by giving people the power to share whatever they want and be connected to whoever they want. Facebook is founded by Mark Zucherberg who was a student of Harvard university. He first launched Facebook in February 2004 from his university dorm room. He only targeted to launched the Facebook within the universities but then expanded its access to anyone with a legitimate email address. Nowadays, people spend most of their time on Facebook due to its diversity of applications and entertaining programs. Some of Facebook’s features are News Feed, Picture and video upload, Facebook Live, Facebook messenger, Friend Finder, Group Chats, Gaming etc. External Analysis Facebook has innovated many products and gadget into their system. It has something for everyone and become successful to attract either they are business owners, politicians, entrepreneurs, students, the working class, male and female. Nowadays it is becoming one of the opportunities in political field. Politicians use Facebook as one of the modern communication to adopt their ideas and influence the individuals’ opinion. The workers in the political marketing also focuses in the Facebook to target the audience by advertising their plans and ideas in the Facebook.
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