The External Environment Of Pratt And Whitney

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A. Concepts 1. The organization’s environment describes the atmosphere inside and outside of the organization and how the entity responds to the conditions. The company should understand how these forces drive the organization and in which direction. With this knowledge, the organization will be able to plan and make adjustments as necessary. B. Analysis 1. To interact and lead in the industry, Pratt & Whitney is focused on the future of commercial and military aircraft engines. More than a quarter of the world’s passenger fleet is driven by a Pratt & Whitney engine. Internally, Pratt & Whitney seeks the most talented and diverse workforce available to keep ahead of the competition through creativity and teamwork. CONCEPT GROUP TWO:…show more content…
The Canada-based location alone has produced upward of 80,000 engines with more than 60 percent of them in use by 10,000 operators in over 200 countries. Nearly 500 clients in 121 countries use Pratt & Whitney engines with 30 more customers operating aircraft that are powered by Pratt & Whitney produced military service engines In 2015, Pratt & Whitney reported a profit of nearly 2 billion dollars on revenues of 14 billion. Additionally, Pratt & Whitney has 33,500 employees with a client base of 11,000 internationally. ii. The Technological Dimension - Pratt & Whitney designs commercial engines that are used to provide necessary power to various airlines and operators for both commercial and cargo craft. In addition to being known globally known for cutting edge manufacturing techniques, Pratt & Whitney is dedicated to continuous growth to consistently meet growing technological advance and demands. Since 1925, Pratt & Whitney has been the only provider for aircraft in branches of the service, starting with the Navy as their first client. Today, the company is the ONLY producer of aircraft engines for fifth generation fighter craft. Pratt & Whitney’s current technological focus is to develop a system that powers next generation propulsion units that are able to further strides in fuel efficiency, lessen emissions, and reduce noise. Pratt & Whitney is dedicated to

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