The Extinction of Fin Whale

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Animals are a blessing of God. They are seen in different type, shapes and weights in their own category. In marine animals, there are mostly mammals which are found to be in large number. Fin whale is among those mammals that are found in marine life. This type of whale is found in all types of oceans and is a suborder to baleen whales. Fin whale is a very heavy whale. Its weight is estimated to be around 74-75 tones. The weight is not only the only characteristic but its length is also very interesting. A fin whale is said to be the second longest animal of the world in terms of its length as a fish. A fin whale is a beautiful creation of God. Its body is in brown-grey shades and seems very interesting with a feel of paler and softness…show more content…
Imply rights of animals: there are various associations which are working for their rights of animals. These associations can play their part in preventing fin whales from the attack of hunters. Governments can seek help from them so that they can prevent fin whale from extinction. These measures can be taken to protect fin whale from extinction. But I think the best possible way to prevent extinction is to form rules. Rules can make the situation better and make the issue resolved in a very good way. Countries which are within the limit of governance should use this right of animals and rules policy in order to make fin whale protected from extinction. Fin whale is a rare animal which is found in only specific regions but with no demand of specific type of water. The extinction of fin whale is due to illegal hunting and genocide of whale by hunters. There is lack of vigilance and control over hunting of fin whales. People should be aware of their importance as well as their rights which are being violated by them. There can be various steps which can be used to stop this process of extinction. Foreign policy reforms, general policy formation, research, declaration of rules and seeking help for animal rights are some measures which can be used to make their hunting to stop and save their genocide. In my point of view, I think declaration of rules and seeking help from animal rights association are the two ways by which their extinction can be stopped. Seeking
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