The Extinction of The Dinosaurs

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Extinction of Dinosaurs Many different theories exist as to why the dinosaurs went extinct. We know for sure most dinosaurs died out around 65 million years ago. The majority of scientists agree on a number of theories as to what brought the end of the dinosaurs. The most popular theory is that an asteroid ended the reign of the dinosaurs. Another theory, massive climate change in the pre-historic atmosphere, caused all the dinosaurs to die. Some scientists believe that mammals out competed dinosaurs for food and other resources. The last theory that dinosaurs died due to a large amount of volcanism comes up in scientists list of theories as well. Many different theories of why dinosaurs went extinct include extinction by asteroid, …show more content…
The power and magnitude of the asteroid is greater than we could ever imagine. If all the world’s atomic weapons went off simultaneously it still wouldn’t cause as much damage as this asteroid did (Erdman). The enormous impact forced large clouds of dust into the air, these clouds blocked the sun causing darkness and extreme climate changes (“What Killed the Dinosaurs”). Out of all the extinction theories the asteroid theory has the most evidence backing it up. As time movies by layers of rock form in the Earth’s crust. The rock formed in the layer around formed the time of extinction contains abnormally large amounts of iridium, a metal found only in asteroids (Erdman). Another piece of evidence found in the rock is impact ejecta. Impact ejecta results from an explosion instantly melting bedrock and throwing it into the air. An abundance of impact ejecta in the rock layer formed near the dinosaur’s extinction suggests that a large asteroid destroyed the dinosaurs (“What Killed the Dinosaurs”). Scientists can locate a layer of rock that formed during extinction because all fossils of a certain species show up under or in a rock layer but never above (“What Killed the Dinosaurs”). “The crater-like shape of the area, the layer rick in iridium and the age of the rocks all lend weight to the theory” (“Eden Channel”). Figure
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