The Extraordinary Benefits Of Divorce

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The Extraordinary Benefits of Divorce In the world today, countless men and women believe divorce is always a dreadful thing that occurs, but there is actually a beneficial side to it. Divorce has been around for several years and mainly just men were the only ones capable to make the decisions. According to The Guardian, the 1857 Matrimonial Causes Act allowed ordinary people to divorce. Under this new law, it was capable for women to make the decision, they just had to prove the facts to withhold a divorce such as, alcoholic addiction and abuse. Following 1857, in 1923 there was a private member’s bill that allowed women to petition for a divorce for adultery. However, they were still required to prove why they were petitioning. Some…show more content…
Dragon states that, “The AMT system also prohibits a number of deductions that are permitted in the regular tax system, affecting various married couples and children.” As stated, you can see that taxes are a large financial burden during marriage. In 2008 a couple was debating to divorce due to the weak economy and the AMT system. There was a yearly income of $220,000 and also owned several rental properties. During the year of 2007, over 40 percent of their income was taxed off. Divorcing would separate their two incomes, making tax deductions much lower. While taxes are a large problem, financial aid can be a nuisance too. College expenses affect the whole family due to college cost of attendance skyrocketing year after year. When it comes to filing the FAFSA, being married places both parent’s incomes together, making it harder to receive better college aid from FAFSA. Dragon states, “Parents that have divorced should only report the income of the parent whom the child spends the most time with, as long as the other parent does not reside in the same home.” Doing so, will only leave one parent’s income on the application, potentially helping the child receive greater financial aid. Financial burdens are detrimental for families, and getting a divorce can help lighten such burdens. In addition, the personality of a human is often the
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