The Extraterrestrial Turtle

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“What was that?” Neil made out through the bullets soaring passed his owner’s car.
Neil began to sense brisk movements in their vehicle. Thunk! As he looked up a sense of hope left his body. The driver was shot and killed. In desperation for survival Neil reached for the lock. Gravity was turned off as he began to float in the rolling car. The car had started to tear apart and open creating an escape route for Neil. He was launched out of his car into the lush rain forests of Jamaica. From the perspective of a 1 inch turtle, he was lost. Neil had decided to take refuge in his shell.
Neil had awakened the next morning to his stomach howling in need of nourishment. Searching for food at a slow pace he had vast amounts of time to contemplate his future. The visions of his upcoming years didn’t include being lost in the Jamaican rainforests. Days rushed by following the same routine, till a conclusion was obtained, he was moving to America.
The old tails of Blake the most intelligent turtle dwelled upon the land of the United States. This was Neil’s destination. He had thought of many was to meet his goal; the best way was by aircraft.
Neil had a very high level of intellect and could perform outstanding tasks with it. He spent countless hours trying to duplicate the commercial airlines that sailed above his head. Days turned in to week, weeks turned into months, and then a conclusion was met. After 73 days of gather material with 40 oz. of pure muscle and a little shell…
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