The Extreme Forms Of Human Violence

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As one of the most extreme forms of human violence, torture has many long-term detrimental physical and mental health consequences. For those who have endured torture, a potential negative outcome of their experience can include the psychologists’ undermined role and legitimacy as a mental health professional (Olson & Soldz, 2007). Following periods of torture-based interrogations, survivors inexorably harbor distrust for psychologists. In the future, this could prevent them from seeking treatment for PTSD and related symptoms stemming from the traumatic experience of torture.
Not only does the use of torture interrogations have serious harmful effects on the individuals who perpetrate the crime and the victims, but also for the general public and society at large. When it is widely known and well-documented that psychologists were culpable accessories in the continuation of human rights abuses, the distrust for the profession as a whole extends to the entire community, possibly reducing the potential for many people around the world to obtain the real benefits that the profession has to offer (Olson & Soldz, 2007).
Costanzo et al. (2007) implore military authorities to issue clear directives regarding unacceptable practices in the interrogation of prisoners, as well as employ effective monitoring procedures of their detention facilities, especially during times of war. It is their opinion that, unless high-ranking officials directly prohibit the use of torture as an…
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