The Extreme Justice League By Michael Barnett

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‘Superheroes’ is a documentary directed by Michael Barnett about the extreme justice league. The extreme justice league consists of middle ages men and women who are real life superheroes. Each of theses superheroes has various backgrounds of being victims or affected by violence or assault or have had a troublesome upbringing. For example, as a child, Master Legend was forced by his father to fight in a ring against his friends and other children. If he lost the fight he would not be allowed to eat dinner and he would get locked in a closet. The extreme justice league is a non-profit organization that helps fight and stop crime in the community. Theses superheroes claim they are doing the job law enforcement is lacking. The extreme justice league patrols the streets, helps citizens in need, attempts to capture video evidence of drug dealers, and bait criminals into doing criminal acts such as rape or robbery. The extreme justice league does not just fight crime but also helps the homeless by bringing them care packages. Barnett uses the story of the real-life superheroes to shows the corruption in the police force, justice system, and society. Corruption is the abuse of power someone holds over other people for their own gain.
The documentary states that police officers are pressured to fill monthly quotes of arrest and stop and frisks usually of drug dealers. But while attempting to fill theses quotas police officers fail to report the most serious crimes such as rape or
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