The Eye : A View Into Sight

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The Eye: A view into Sight Sight a gift that we can 't take for granted, our eyes are the windows to the all we know and love, experience and discover, ponder and cherish. Let’s peer into the unique and self-sustaining workings of the eye. The reflected light off the world enters into the crystalline transparency of the cornea, aqueous humor, lens, and vitreous humor, to project onto the photo receptors, known as rods and cones, of the retina, from which impulses converge onto the optic nerve, and then to the brain to be translated into imagery and embedded with meaning. Continual adjustments to the pupil and lens regulate the entry and focusing of light. In today’s world the eye 's surface is constantly challenged to protect itself and adjust to changing conditions. Every blink helps our eyes natural defense system. The tear film, retains moisture and visual acuity, tears contain natural disinfectants to keep bacteria at bay and the tear system washes away impurities to maintain eye health. The biology of our eyes inspires us to develop ways we can protect and maintain comfort for these remarkable structures. For all the wonders our eyes provide throughout our lives, we owe them our attention and ongoing care. But to simply speak about the functions and structures of the eye would not be providing it with the admiration and respect it deserves. The evolution of the eye is the true marvel in biology, once considered so complex that even Charles Darwin, the inventor of the
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