The Eye Of The Needle

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The Eye of the Needle
The Eye of the Needle was always an iconic place along the Missouri until May 1997 when it collapsed under suspicious circumstances. On the expedition of Lewis and Clark, the White Cliffs of Montana was a signature site described by Lewis. One of the extraordinary landmarks was the Eye of the Needle, which Meriwether Lewis first described its scenery by comparing its magnificent rock formations to “elegant ranges of lofting freestone buildings, having their parapets well stocked with statuary” (Burns, 1997). This was 1800’s talk, which doesn’t make sense to most people nowadays. Looking at an old picture of the Eye of the Needle that my grandfather took while rafting the Missouri, I can see the beauty that people raved about.
The rock structure is so perplexing. The arch made up of multiple boulders doesn’t look like anything that nature could ever make naturally. It defies gravity standing on the very top of the rock wall lining the rushing Missouri. The light grey structure has thousands of crevices that formed themselves from natural wear-and-tear over time. 200 feet up, it towers over the Missouri River keeping a watchful eye on all of the wildlife.
When blogger Chris describes this beautiful place he said,
“The Eye of the Needle could be seen a few miles upstream while floating the Missouri River, and from a distance it appeared to be just that – a tiny window allowing some of the sky to shine through. The structure was only about 11 feet high,
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